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Sweet purveyor of kanji delights

29 November
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Having long since abandoned the truth, I am now in search of a good FANTASY.

Hello there. I'm an English teacher in Japan, who's easily distracted/corrupted and also kinda insane. And by kinda I mean the nice young men in their clean white coats are too afraid to come and take me away. Have fun. :3

If you're here for the gay porn art, it's at my fandom journal, sente_hisshou.

4chan, 6ft tall red-head koreans, akatsuki, akihika, al jaffee, art, being squirrely!, berea beloved, berea college, communist disco, dattebayo, ddr, dilbert, doujinshi, emulation, fansubs, flute, frank peretti, frills, hear, heart e, hikaru no go, homogakure, hoshigaki kisame, innocent world, instrumental music, interpreting, j-land failure, japan, kikuchi hidenori, korea, kradxsatoshi, kurosawa akira, manga, moar race, narusasunaru, naruto, obscure asian culture facets, old school rap/music, oni mode!, orange noise shortcut, rule 33, rule 34, screaming angsty rock music, seishirouxsubaru, smexy villians, tae kwon do, taiko no tatsujin, tasteful makeout fantasy literature, the history channel, translating, uzumakianity, webcomics, weird al, zombie hokages, zomg