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travel log: version Singapore!

Hi everyone, I'm on vacation in Singapore til March 30th. Despite having traveled 7 hours from Tokyo, only 1hr time difference. XD

Been here for one full day, and it has been most enjoyable: museum, river cruise, historical geekery, and dericious durian-flavored ice cream! Got very tired feet, so I'm resting up for another jaunt out later to the Mustafa Centre, XBOX HUGE superstore in the area.

Went to the Asian Civilizations Museum and to my luck they were having an open house, which meant free admission! Also saw an African dance performance there, and the museum has a lot of exhibits and nicely laid out. Didn't see all the exhibits--it's pretty massive, as it covers East and West Asia.

Sadly, smrt me forgot to pack my USB cord, so while I have lots of photos, will not be uploading them til I'm back in j-land.

Now I'm resting up for a jaunt out to the Mustafa Center, an huge superstore with lots of cheap goods.

Earthquake in Northern Japan

To my friends outside of j-land, I am fine. I live in Southcentral Japan, and only felt slight tremors when the 8.9 one hit earlier. I wasn't even aware that it was a huge one as I was working at the time. Have gotten in touch with my family back in the US and contacted friends up in Tokyo, though still waiting to hear from 2.

Seeing the damage on the news--rushing tsunamis carry houses ON FIRE, Sendai Aiport submerged, Tokyo Tower bent-- it all seems unreal.


My previous post about possibly moving and change of pace and what have you? NOPE NOT HAPPENING. Bosses have changed their minds, IDK.

Also, I failed JLPT 1-kyuu AGAIN. Yeah, top of my game I am.


shigeruhiko has introduced me to Courage Wolf's twitter. IT IS AWESOME GO READ IT ALL.

fujiappletan, your Christmas card arrived today, thank you so much! It's sitting in my genkan, spreading holiday cheer in my otherwise drab apartment. :D :D

In other news, off to Kobe to see Luminarie this weekend! It's my first time going, I'm really excited! Though I do not look forward to the crowds, as this is the last weekend the illuminations will be up.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Took JLPT N1. It has become frustratingly more difficult. Probably BOMBED the reading section, but hopefully a little less than last year? I never seem to read long passages in jgo--small letters, inability to concentrate, words falling off page, etc etc...

Guess I'll find out come Feb.!

In other news, I got a haircut.Collapse )

it's me that has all the control

So, one of my student's mother is my Facebook friend now. XD That and the crazy Halloween-themed lessons of fail aside, Weekend report!Collapse )

I was born ready, Kaneda!

It is late, I am tired and I also CANNOT EFFING BREATHE due to random allergy attack. Have some photospam!Collapse )
Off to bed, hopefully will have clearer sinuses in the morning. Also, going to Inuyama tomorrow to see a lantern festival with shigeruhiko!


Yesterday, the Daydream Girls participated in the 35th Toyohashi enkaKaraoke Competition. In actuality, it was more like THREE contests, with the preliminary auditions on Sept. 26th, and the semi-finals and finals on Sunday.

Magical Tranny ADOBENCHAACollapse )
Long time no post. Nothing much to report, had plans to visit onsen in Atami last month but had to cancel thanks to the women's curse. Just been working, glad that summer is long gone and work is much more bearable w/o the oppressive and disgusting humidity.

This weekend I hung out with friends. PHOTOSPAM POST GO!!Collapse )
Is a slip of paper really necessary to prove that one is indeed, crazy and/or suffering from mental issues? How does one go crazy? Yes, I know it is merely a saying, and that you don't actually go anywhere (except when in your head), but is there a proverbial line to be crossed? Like the Conventioneers jumping back and forth going "Crazy! Not crazy!"?